About Us

Since opening their doors in January 2020, Re:Plenish has brought the first fully zero-waste refillery and retail store to Edmonton, Alberta. Its co-founders, Karine St-Onge and Meghann Law, being motivated by the amount of waste they were producing themselves and a desire to reduce it, saw the need for a refillery in their community. Not wanting to purchase singular eco-friendly products online for themselves, they supplied their store with zero-waste items from across North America. By doing so they were able to provide eco-friendly alternatives not only for themselves but also for others in the community. Wanting to make zero-waste alternatives easily accessible to all, they thoroughly research all of their products before purchasing them to ensure that they meet high standards. 

At present, bulk refills are available in-store only as it is hard to ship bulk products ethically. If you cannot access Re:Plenish in person, we recommend you research refilleries in your area and buy products in bulk from them. If you are located in our area and would like to purchase bulk products from Re:Plenish but cannot physically enter the store, please send us an email at replenish.yeg@gmail.com and we will try our best to accommodate you. 

You can learn more about Re:Plenish on their website: replenishyeg.ca